A sign of things to come - our transgender-friendly loo!

I am so pleased to be able to create a bespoke sign using Signomatic.co.uk for exactly what I want to express. 

Many people who do not have a traditionally male or female appearance experience harassment when using public toilets. In 2015, Lewisham Unitarians decided to make our Ladies and Gents toilets gender-neutral, in order to eliminate the necessity of choosing between them when using the Meeting House loos.  We would like people of all gender identities and expressions to feel at ease and welcome in our premises.

I felt it was time to find a proper sign to replace the dog-eared 'toilet' sheet blu-tacked to the door - but the market is not serving the fledgling demand for transgender friendly loo signage. However, with Signomatic's clever DIY design website, I was able to upload something I found online. It's a toilet - an image that needs no text explanation and makes no reference to gender at all.

So thanks Signomatic for helping the Meeting House loo move a little justice!  (And thanks also for the free sign during your very clever blog promotion...)

- Lori Winters, Chair of Lewisham Unitarians