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Café Connect

We are welcoming speakers from A21 to our Café Connect this week. A21 is a charity working to end modern slavery. ‘Fueled by radical hope’ that everyone everywhere can be freed from bondage — A21 will share their hopes, skills and strategies with us in our regular 4th Sunday café style discussion.

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Sunday Service: Processions

Processions: Women, walking and the vote. Led by Claire MacDonald.

Commemorating journeys would not be complete without time to reflect on ways of walking to freedom and what walking to freedom has meant to people across the world. Walking together to become free, and singing together as we go, we will listen to some voices this week from people who have marched, and sung, and left tales and songs behind them.

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3:00 PM15:00

Death Cafe

A 'Death Cafe' is an opportunity to talk openly and frankly about death, so often a taboo subject.  Join us around a comforting table of delicious things to eat and drink--so life affirming--and say what's on your mind, and listen to others.  There is no set agenda, and everyone will have an opportunity to speak.

For more information visit www.deathcafe.com.

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